Friday, December 5, 2036

Piero and RQM

Just a couple of links:

1. Me. A post containing and about Nulla imago sine perspectiva (link) in RQM, translated as "No quale without a pointer basis", sci.physics.research, August 30, 2005. NB Qualia (sing. quale) are variously referred to as sensory occurrences, properties of experiences, recognizable qualitative characters of the given (see e.g. this entry in the SEP).
2. Carlo Rovelli, Matteo Smerlak. "On attribue au grand peintre italien Piero della Francesca, maître de la Renaissance et théoricien de la perspective picturale, la formule « Nulla imago sine perspectiva » : pas d'image sans perspective. Eh bien, selon l'interprétation relationnelle, la mécanique quantique montre que ce n'est pas seulement vrai des images, mais de tous les objets physiques." L'erreur d'Einstein, Le monde quantique, une question de perspective (read for free after ad), La Recherche n°418, 01/04/2008.
NB Piero never wrote anything similar. The sentence is a 2005 neo-Kantian invention, inspired by Panovsky's "Perspective as Symbolic Form"  and by vague memories of Piero's "De prospectiva pingendi", which turned out to be fictitious.